Laura Ellenberger

The photographs, drawings and other works by Laura Ellenberger may fall between the cracks of definition. Her photographs are very painterly and her drawings have the photographic quality of looking through to a place beyond, something past yet present.

The different genres may seem unconnected but the paradox of absence and presence is a recur-ring theme. Whether the image surface is veiled or fragmented, a layer disrupts the space. Per-sonal yet universal, the skin-like surface of the drawings and the glassy depths of the photographs share a sense of time and place, stillness being the essence of the work itself. Her work teeters on the edge of suggestion and the interpretation of the viewer.

Laura Ellenberger (b.1963) is a visual artist practicing in Sydney and London, where she has a studio. She is interested in interior space and memory and evokes this through the use of layering and surface in contemporary drawing and photography. Previously, she was a documentary photographer in the Apartheid era in South Africa. Her work has been published in books and monthly publications globally at the time.

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