Nemo Jantzen

Dutch artist Nemo Jantzen has established himself over the last 20 years working as a contemporary artist best known for his Pop Art, installations, and hyperrealistic paintings. His artwork is highly acclaimed in most leading art markets and galleries in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Singapore among others, and can be found in renowned art collections both public institutions and private. Claudia Schieffer Actress, Acalzar Financial Group Public Collection, Weelock Properties Singapore, Caixa Barcelona City Cultural Instittution, among others.

In the latest series, inspired by media, pop culture, and film Jantzen takes Neo-pointillism to the next level utilizing thousands collection of photography, cinematographic stills, and other collected material encapsulated in glass spheres; hiding and revealing a subject filtered idealized world through the eye of the beholder and depicting the banality of our society and trends in symbolic evocation of a contemporary human journey. The artist is not in-terested in fragmentation of objects in the real world; he is interested in disclosing the unity underlying “reality.”

Jantzen goes beyond telling a one image story and depicting a voyeuristic look into another world(s) and reality. With large scale images built up out of hundreds of small image; stories encapsulated in glass spheres the work simply keeps repeating to the viewers

The closer you look, the less you see.”

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