Simone Rosenbauer

Simone Rosenbauer (b. 1977) has filtered her views of the self, fleeting moments and chequered memories in her photographic series, Like Ice in the Sunshine. Rosenbauer takes the happy simplicity of anice block to capture moments loved and lost, to dwell on ephemeral experiences and to chart the strength – and frailty – of changing identities. Leaving the natural sun to shape a mix of perennially loved paddle pops, ice becomes liquid, pooling around the melting whole. Bitter or sweet, all memories eventually melt into the flow of life.

She studied Photography at University of Applied Sciences Dortmund (Germany) where she received her MA in 2006. In 2008 she received the European Endeavour Award from the Australian Government to study for her MFA (Research) in photography at the University of New South Wales (COFA), which she completed in 2010.

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