Sally McKay

Photographic Artist Sally McKay lives and works in Sydney, and is continuously inspired by her natural surroundings.

All contained within hypnotic mandala swirls of aesthetically pleasing detail and complexity. A step closer, and a glimpse beyond the hypnotic; McKay’s photographic images and light boxes unleash confronting questions in unexpected ways. It is this juncture between aesthetic and controversial subject matter that is centralised. The wonderful and fasticious slowly morph the chaotic and disordered into systematic moments of awareness. And in a similar fashion to McKay’s mandala spirals, the audience is given a fleshed, encompassing story of unnoticed beauty and unnoticed loss.

Trained in photography, McKay harnessed her management of light and detail while working for 10 years as a commercial portrait photographer. Seed The Change is McKay’s third solo exhibition at .M Contemporary, and highlighted a continuation her on-going research into environmental and ecological rights, and how her advocacy can transpire through photography.

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