Sally McKay

Photographic Artist Sally McKay lives and works in Sydney, and is continuously inspired by her natural surroundings.

All contained within hypnotic circles of aesthetically pleasing detail and complexity. A step closer, and a glimpse beyond the hypnotic; McKay’s photographic images and light boxes unleash confronting questions in unexpected ways. It is this juncture between aesthetic and controversial subject matter that is centralised. The wonderful and fasticious slowly morph the chaotic and disordered into systematic moments of awareness. And the audience is given a fleshed, encompassing story of unnoticed beauty and unnoticed loss.

In her fourth .M Contemporary SYDNEY solo exhibition, Making Waves, Sydney based artist Sally McKay has built and photographed a series of meticulously engineered and illuminated large-scale installations, evoking a connection to our vast oceans and wild nature.

McKay is recognised as an award-winning photographer, whose work has been shown regularly at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair and in the core artistic program at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. For this most recent exhibition she has collaborated with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Centennial Parklands and Greenpeace deepening her plant knowledge and ocean advocacy through her artwork.

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