Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is a Sydney based artist focused on intricate large scale ink drawings. Jeremy is currently a PhD candidate at UNSW Art and Design. He is also a Masters of Fine Arts research graduate, First Class Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts and Arts graduate of UNSW Art and Design. His practice integrates highly detailed drawing, etching and animation with cartographic conventions and psychology to create narratives. His work has been collected by the State Library of NSW and University of Sydney. His work has also won several awards in Sydney, including the Tim Olsen Drawing prize 2013 and the GBK award 2012. Jeremy’s work has been exhibited in multiple shows in Sydney and most recently in Tokyo.

His working thesis is on ‘Narrative Cartography’ using Cartography techniques to map the LGBTQI community, in particular the changing gay male body post the introduction of PrEP (the anti-retroviral HIV drug). Jeremy’s research subverts conventions of cartography to create subjective psycho-geographic maps of psychological and imagined spaces such as identity, the subconscious and sexuality.

Jeremy Smith

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