Ronan Pirozzi

In his work, Ronan explores how expressions of scarification and trauma can lead to the development of identity. By interweaving experiences of personal trauma through the aesthetic placement of the scar and the material potential of steel, he constructs a unique dialogue between ephemerality and material potential. Exploring the presentation of the Abject from philosopher Julia Kristeva, he treats the canvas like flesh to represent the Abject in a material form. The material potential of steel allows me to physically create a sight of trauma and achieve a relief like scarring structure on the materials surface, using welding as an aesthetic tool to create scarring. Compositionally, the abstract structure of the works explores Newcastle’s topography. Welding is used as an aesthetic tool for cartography relating directly to Ronan’s own identity, upbringing and local urban environment. As well, the employment of steel relates directly to the city of Newcastle’s identity, as an industrial city of material exports.

Ronan Pirozzi

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