Waldemar Kolbusz

Perth based artist Waldemar Kolbusz creates non-representational paintings that resound with vibrant colour and pulsate with abstract energy. Through his gestural mark-making and application of paint Kolbusz allows his compositions to develop. The resulting works resonate with colour and an organic sense of aesthetic balance.

Geometry and gesture converge dynamically in the canvases of Waldemar Kolbusz to achieve a vigorous synthesis at once sensual and architectural. Like Brice Marsden and very few other contemporary painters, Kolbusz has been able to extend the lessons of the Abstract Expressionists and turn them to his own ends in order to forge a visual vocabulary altogether his own.

It is built up on both an intellectual comprehension of the painterly tradition to which he belongs and an intuitive ability to trust the spontaneous impulses of his own sensibility.” – Critic, Byron Coleman (2004)


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