Laura Ellenberger

Represented Artist


South African born artist Laura Ellenberger completed her Honors at the National Art School in Sydney before relocating to her current base in London. 

Her veiled drawing series explores the human condition, people’s thoughts and the fact that we never really know what happens below the surface. At the same time she responds to the surface and how it feels, and her drawings engage with both – the physical and the psychological. Ellenberger’s latest works return to her photographic roots and play use historical techniques to illustrate todays land.  Her work is temporal and meditative, offering a contrast to the sometimes frenetic world we live in.




Meticulous Conversations

02 Dec - 21 Dec 2017


28 Nov - 20 Dec 2015

Mythology of My Land

02 May - 31 May 2015

Memories In Motion

21 Mar - 25 Apr 2015