Memories In Motion

21 Mar - 25 Apr 2015

Memories In Motion

Exhibition Dates

  • March21
  • Opening night
  • April25
  • Exhibition ends

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Memories In Motion

Group Exhibition Featuring

Marna Hattingh
Jaanika Peerna
Adam Cusack
Laura Ellenberger
Paul Kaptein
Tane Andrews

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Marna Hattingh

South African artist, Marna Hattingh’s travels between a hybrid of fine art, literature and the complexities or contemporary life. She interrogates and articulates its collective emotions and has developed a highly unique and sought-after style, strongly influenced by an Asian sensibility and her experience as an illustrator, blending wry humour and social comment into playful palettes with a serious undertone. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic range including media, fashion, history and fictional novels, her finely drawn characters jump, dance and spin across timeless, patterned backgrounds. Each painting is extensively worked and contains its own complex narrative.

Memories In Motion

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