Christmas Group Show

26 Nov - 23 Dec 2020

Christmas Group Show

The Christmas Group Show will feature new works by Maria Jose Benvenuto, Rick Carlino, Billy Bain and Anya Pesce as well as a selection of other represented gallery artists.

The exhibition will continue until the end of 2020 with the hang changing every second week.

Official opening Thursday, November 26th.

Additional openings on the 3rd, 10th and 17th of December between 5pm and p7m.

RSVP essential.

Exhibition Dates

  • November26
  • Opening night
  • December23
  • Exhibition ends

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Christmas Group Show

Maria José Benvenuto

In late 2018, Chilean Artist, Maria Jose Benvenuto, swapped her home city of Santiago, situated in a valley surrounded by mountain ranges, for the scrubby bush lands and oceanic horizons of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. For an artist whose practice had, up until that point, been informed by the imposing mountain peaks that looked down on her previous home, Benvenuto was struck by the endless vistas of Sydney’s landscape.

Waldemar Kolbusz

Born in Perth to Polish parents, Kolbusz has embraced the Eastern European work and life ethic. He is a risk-taker with tireless energy. His instincts drew him to art at an early age. But Kolbusz remains primarily self-taught, abandoning visual arts studies at the University of Western Australia to graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Nemo Jantzen

Nemo Jantzen, born 1970 in The Haque, studied art, design and photography at the RTO Art Academy in Rotterdam. After his studies, he moved to Antwerp to work as a graphic designer and bill-board artist while further developing his technique and style as a fine artist. Finally, after several years in Belgium and some worldly travels, he settled down in Spain where he dedicated his career to fine art.

Anya Pesce

I am an Australian born, Sydney-based artist.

Christmas Group Show

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