Lee Sang Hyun

Represented Artist


Lee Sang Hyun, an internationally renowned South Korean artist, is considered one of the country’s most important of his generation. His digitally complied works, present a dichotomy of reality and fiction blending historical images of Korea with the vivid pop culture of contemporary life.The compositions offer an alternative reality as it juxtaposes past and present to illustrate the rapid change in South Korean society over the last hundred and fifty years.Lee’s projects manifest in ways that could be interpreted as self-mockery. In exhibiting Lee Sang Hyun we are able
to share a greater understanding of South Korea’s traditional history and current pop culture along with our own inter-country relationship




Satirical Pop

22 Mar - 04 Apr 2018

Lee Sang Hyun

03 Sep - 25 Sep 2016

Lee Sang Hyun

08 Oct - 09 Nov 2013