This series of works further investigates the overlap between my two streams of works. Near You is about the interplay between chance and identity – the similarities in experiences we may share and the disconnect in others, the randomness of that, and how it shapes who we become.

I continue to be interested in exploring  points of change within my painting process in my abstractions, to pinpoint exactly when less considered marks come together and change from something of a mess to something more resolved, or when a surrender to chance can result in something more ordered.

I have always been obsessive about order and the degree to which we are all challenged in our daily lives between it and mess. Both the big picture and small detail of that draws me in.

In my figurative works these themes continue but in relation to experiences in my life and my art career, and how these shape who I am and how I relate to you. A lot of these chance moments which could allow clarity in all of this, of course happen during travels or outside our daily momentum.

Waldemar Kolbusz | Near You

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