Waldemar Kolbusz | ‘Really’

‘REALLY’ 2021

A solo show by Waldemar Kolbusz.

Both online and hanging in the gallery.

August 24 – September 19.

Watch the exhibition tour video below.

Please contact the gallery via [email protected] with any queries.


Waldemar Kolbusz | ‘Really’

A R T I S T    S T A T E M E N T

These new works test the differences between an idealised human experience and actual experience – the increasingly blurred overlap between the two in our contemporary lives. Do we only experience how we think we’re supposed to experience?

Am I sold feelings, later imagined to be my own? In my figurative works I try to paint our vulnerabilities when we question what is real and what may be gloss. Someone once said to me that using that gloss without falling prey to it is a fine edge.

My expressionistic works explore this same fine edge, they allude to a kind of perfection, but then to something else.

This exhibition closes on September 19th.

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