Lionel Smit

After sold out exhibitions in South Africa, London and Hong Kong, Lionel Smit’s first solo exhibition in Australia took place at .M Contemporary on Friday night. Over the past 10 years Smit has established himself as one of South Africa’s most exciting and respected artists of his generation. His international following of collectors made for a successful exhibition and for the first time allowed the Australian audience to become a part of his world. Lionel executes variations of Malay women through portraiture and uses monumental canvasses and sculptures to create visual and tactile explorations of hybrid identity. Smit’s contemporary portraiture details the ever changing and emerging nature within South Africa’s psycho-social landscape. Smit is currently exhibiting at art fairs in Amsterdam, Germany, India, Miami, Monaco, London and Hong Kong. His Australian exhibition has proved to be just as successful as our international counterparts with a new base of collectors; we will continue to exhibit his works until the 14th November 2015.

Photography by Rhiannon Hopley

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Photographer, Roger Ballen Interview by Michael Kirchoff

Lionel Smit, Sculptor, Artist

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