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1. Isobel Rayson
Commission rhythmic wood-block carvings
Through intricate wood block carvings, recent ANU graduate, Isobel Rayson explores mark making as a means to investigate and document ideas of presence and trace. The creation of her latest works involves completing daily rituals and routines based on physical mark making that follow a series of directives, these include varying time parameters, established prior to commencing each work. The final works become relics that document these routines. With this research she hopes to examine how her ephemeral presence might be preserved through these traces.
To view Isobel Rayson’s work and CV click here

2. Lyndi Sales
Commission warm mix-media abstractions
Lyndi Sales is an artist who explores themes of perception and vision as well as connectivity. She strives to create in the audience a corporeal response – a feeling of being in one’s own body, to “bring people to their senses”. In her work Sales is invested in driving into the present, seeing it as a mysterious, elusive and mutable idea. Sales works with forms of paper to create elaborate and detailed figurative depictions. She is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa and in 2011 she was chosen to represent her country at the Venice Biennale.
To view Lyndi Sales’ work and CV click here

3. Hannah Quinlivan
Commission immersive sculptural forms
Hannah Quinlivan’s practice is concerned with materializing structures of feeling. Her work explores processes of remembering and forgetting, and attempts to understand how affect holds together and functions. Quinlivan’s practice spans multiple media and materials, and interrogates how our individual, internal processes of feeling and remembering are related to broader social moods or atmospheres.

Quinlivan is currently pursuing doctoral research in visual arts at The Australian National University and was a visiting artist at Colorado State University in April-May 2017. In 2017, she held major exhibitions at the Centre for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin, Canberra Museum and Art Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery of Australia, Deakin University and Hong Kong Art Central. In the last five years, she has exhibited in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany.
To view Hannah Quinlivan’s work and CV click here

4. Meaghan Potter
Commission Native Birds
Meaghan’s artistic practice is about taking familiar elements of art and nature and revealing their complexities. She is intrigued and inspired by the colour and pattern of fur, feathers, scales and all animal coats. Using animals as the subject matter Meaghan is exploring their coats as a means to an abstract language in her art.

By composing purposely-obscured images she creates a dissonance between the artist and the animal in subject in order to reveal the abstract, strange and phenomenal truth of the visual world.
The drawings speak of both a complex biological evolution within animal patterning and colour as well as the pareidolia effect in the human brain; that is the ability to envisage a familiar image within an environment where it does not exist.

Meaghan Potter is an Australian artist who recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics) followed by an Honours in Fine Arts (Drawing) at the National Art School in Sydney. She resides in the Blue Mountains where she has lived since birth.
To view Meaghan Potter’s work and CV click here

5. Aly Indermuhle
Commission a light installation
Indermühle’s twenty-year career has spanned multiple elements of film and television production, to include 3D animation, artistic creation, sculpture, lighting, texturing and theme park design. Indermühle created and operated the Untied States Air Force’s first full functional Animation Studio and worked for MTV Productions Switzerland. She now exclusively focuses on Light Art Installations in her artistic practice and is finalizing her MFA at the National Art School in Sydney, Australia.

Aly Indermühle’s artistic explorations encompass sculpture, light, and digital technologies. She seeks to combine the structure of the real world with the beauty of sublime elements and energies, which are both intangible and ephemeral. Her installation works utilise form, light, and atmosphere to enliven constructed environments. Each artwork is about the viewer’s experience, a relatable and wonder filled dream state world where the mind is released to explore light, shape, colours, and the play of shadow on form. Two of her light installations were selected to be part of VIVID 2016.
To view Aly Indermuhle’s work and CV click here

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Artists who take commissions at .M Contemporary

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