Meaghan Potter

Represented Artist


Meaghan’s artistic practice is about taking familiar elements of art and nature and revealing their complexities. She is intrigued and inspired by the colour and pattern of fur, feathers, scales and all animal coats. Using animals as the subject matter Meaghan is exploring their coats as a means to an abstract language in her art. By composing purposely obscured images she creates a dissonance between the artist and the animal in subject in order to reveal the abstract, strange and phenomenal truth of the visual world. The drawings speak of both a complex biological evolution within animal patterning and colour as well as the pareidolia effect in the human brain; that is the ability to envisage a familiar image within an environment where it does not exist. Meaghan Potter is an Australian artist who recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics) followed by an Honours in Fine Arts (Drawing) at the National Art School in Sydney. She resides in the Blue Mountains where she has lived since birth.


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Stillness In Motion

02 Jun - 17 Jun 2018

Meaghan Potter

15 Jun - 08 Jul 2017

Meaghan Potter

01 Aug - 03 Sep 2015

Mythology of My Land

02 May - 31 May 2015