Hannah Quinlivan

Represented Artist


Hannah Quinlivan’s practice is concerned with materializing structures of feeling. Her practice spans multiple media and materials, and attempts to understand how the affective atmospheres of our time are shared, transmitted and transmuted. Quinlivan does not prioritise individual experience, but instead seeks out what is shared in our affective response to the current social and environmental interregnum.

It is these elusive social symptoms that find material expression in Quinlivan’s contemporary drawings. Quinlivan is currently pursuing doctoral research in visual arts at The Australian National University and was a visiting artist at Colorado State University in April-May 2017. In 2017, she held major exhibitions at the Centre for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin, Canberra Museum and Art Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery of Australia, Deakin University and Hong Kong Art Central. In the last five years, she has exhibited in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, and Germany. She has been the sole artist commissioned to integrate public art with each of the thirteen stops of the new light rail line in Canberra.




Hannah Quinlivan

03 Mar - 21 Mar 2016

Hannah Quinlivan

01 Nov - 30 Nov 2014