Australian Art

.M Contemporary stocks a range of Australian art including paintings and wall art, sculpture and textile art. Purchase outright or take advantage of Art Money to make instalments over 10 months for pieces up to $50,000. Framing is offered, as is shipping anywhere in Australia and around the world.

Australian Contemporary Art For Sale

Discover the richness of modern Australian art at our gallery, conveniently accessible from anywhere in the world through our online stockroom. Our Sydney-based gallery, established in 2013, prides itself on fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and art across cultures, emphasizing the promotion of both rising and renowned artists.

Situated in the artistic hub of Darlinghurst, our gallery, .M Contemporary, is dedicated to nurturing a deep appreciation for the new wave of Australian artists. We are committed to showcasing their unique works to a global audience. Renowned for hosting exceptional exhibitions, we aim to connect extraordinary artists with a broad spectrum of art lovers. Whether you’re a novice in the art world or an experienced collector, our diverse collection is bound to captivate and inspire.

To help you select the ideal contemporary Australian art piece for your home or office, .M Contemporary offers a unique art in situ service. This feature allows us to present a digital visualization of the artwork within your personal environment. Our gallery features an extensive and varied program, along with a well-stocked inventory, making it effortless for you to explore and purchase contemporary Australian art online.

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