Justin Dingwall

Justin Dingwall, a South African photographic artist, creates images that resonate with emotion. His works always lending towards the unusual, and avenues less travelled with cultural undertones.

His series Albus, developed into an exploration of the aesthetics of albinism in contrast to the idealised perceptions of beauty. It began as an interest to capture something not conventionally perceived as “beauty”. Dingwall began this project with the ethereal portraits of Thando Hopa, a legal prosecutor who is using her visibility to address the negative perceptions surrounding albinism. Dingwall’s inspiring new work features Sanele Xaba, a young model with albinism, and uses specific elements to foreground the symbolic meaning behind each work.

The symbols of light and dark are a reflection of his medium. Dingwall uses the characteristic nature of photography to capture a unique frame of reference. Dingwall paints with light in such a way as to represent the revealing of the unseen. Light represents truth, and it is contrasted against the element of darkness to emphasise the unenlightened state of mind of previous misconceptions.

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