Justin Dingwall

Rerouted25 Aug - 18 Sep 2022

Justin Dingwall

‘Rerouted’ a 2022 solo show by Justin Dingwall, on display at the .M Contemporary annex

In collaboration with fashion designer Roman Handt

August 25th – September 17th

Opening event | Saturday August 27th, 2 – 4pm, RSVP below

Justin Dingwall, a South African photographic artist, creates images that resonate with emotion. His works always lending towards the unusual, and avenues less travelled with cultural undertones.

Exhibition Dates

  • August25
  • Opening night
  • September18
  • Exhibition ends
Justin Dingwall | Rerouted

‘Rerouted’ is a photographic portrait series by South African artist Justin Dingwall in collaboration with fashion designer Roman Handt.

This art series is a commentary on how our lives drastically changed during the last two years. It focuses on travel, a predominant part of our everyday, and how restrictions on our movement and freedom affects every aspect of our lives. Without it, we experience separation, loneliness, loss, retrogression.

Voyaging is largely how society progresses, as humans explore, learn, and find new pathways and livelihoods. We cannot move forward without travel.

By foregrounding representations of movement – in the imagery of bicycles, motorbikes and planes adorning each model’s head, this series directly investigates feelings about freedom and independence. Plastic checked shopping bags have been reshaped into clothing, a discernible feature largely associated with migration and relocation. These upcycled objects make us rethink how our lives have involuntarily changed.

Fashion is also central to the series as it evokes ideas of self-identity and exploration. There is representation of a physical journey at play here, but also an inner journey of the self. In Ghana, these bags came to be known as ‘Efiewura Suame’ – “help me carry this load”. This speaks to our rerouted journey, which is not only deeply personal, but universal.

This is where we find ourselves, we are in the moment of being rerouted.

We face a choice for a different path, a new course, an unfamiliar way to get to our destination.

We had plans, our journeys mapped out, until we were unexpectedly forced to change direction.


Justin Dingwall

“I do what I do for the love of new experiences. My imagery is not bound by language or culture. I want my work to speak for itself and for people to interpret it in their own way. I want people to be affected by my images… As long as someone is feeling something, I am achieving my goals.”

Justin Dingwall | Rerouted

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