5 Tips for finding an art gallery you like


A great gallery will collaborate on your collection with you, help you discover a new artists, preview works early and meet artists and other collectors.

1. Location  – it will be easier to build a relationship with a gallery in your city that way you can attend their exhibition openings and regularly visit the gallery have the opportunity to meet the artist and view the work in person

2. The gallery and they artist they represent is a reflection of the owners tastes so it’s a good idea to have a look at the websites of the galleries in your area, each gallery website will have an artist page, exhibition page and stock room page.

3. Once you have identified some artist you can take the time to visit the gallery and meet with the gallery owner or director, galleries might seem like intimidating places but they love talking about what they do and showing you around.

4. Galleries all have a framework and set of parameters they use when selecting artist for their stable so once you have identified a gallery with a similar aestetic to you sign up to their mailing list – you can do that on-line or in the gallery and you will receive all the invitations to exhibition openings, montly gallery newsletters and invitations to artist dinners and art fairs.

5 Social media –  follow the artist and the gallery on social media, Facebook and Instagram that way you develop a good visual diary

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5 Tips for finding an art gallery you like

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