5 Places to buy art

The primary market? Secondary market? Emerging? Established? Theres a lot of lingo surrounding art, but buying art doesn’t have to be that complicated.


  1. 1. Art fairs offer the unique opportunity for you to buy art from around the world in the one place. You are able to compare and contrast the work  of artists showcased by galleries at the forefront of the contemporary art.  Upcoming art fairs you want to attend include Volta Basel (12 – 17 June 2017), Sydney Contemporary (7 – 10 September 2017), Art Brussels (21 – 23 April 2018) and Frieze New York (5 – 7 May, 2018)
  1. 2. Art galleries provide you with detailed information on the work of represented artists and update you on their upcoming exhibition openings allowing you to view and purchase artworks as soon as they become available.
  2. 3. Online platforms are very accessible ways to purchase art. Before buying make sure you know what you are getting by doing your research and ensuring the online site you are using is a trusted one. Two online platforms where you can buy art online include https://www.artsy.net/ and http://www.artnet.com/
  3. 4. If you are looking to buy art on the secondary market you want to go to Art Auctions. Subscribing to auction houses is a great way stay updated with what art is available.
  4. 5. Purchasing art from emerging artists and to support the progress of their careers Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) are the places to go. ARIs such as Alaska Projects, Firstdraft, 107 Projects and China Heights are just a few of the greats.

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5 Places to buy art

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