5 Do’s & Don’ts for Visitors at an Art Fair

Canada (New York), Frieze New York 2016

Canada (New York), Frieze New York 2016


5 Do’s for Visitors:

1. Go to the preview if you get a VIP invitation. It gives you early access and you get to have drinks and nibbles with a range of people in and connected to the art industry.

2. Ask questions, no one minds, they love their jobs.

3. Focus on what you like, if you love it and can afford it, buy it.

4. Dress up. It makes it all seem so much more of an event. Yet wear comfortable footwear. You will be on your toes and walking a lot.

5. Have fun! You do not need to know a thing about art per se, but be open to learning, listening and soaking up the creative, passionate atmosphere.


5 Don’ts for Visitors:

1. Call or text when at the booths, unless you want to talk about the art or artists.

2. Bring a large bag or suitcase. The booths have limited space and the exhibitors are too busy to be minding your goods. Travel light.

3. Reserve art and then change your mind after the fair. Be sure about your purchase and your budget.

4. Been offered a discount? Great. Be discreet.

5. Get drunk, bump into an artwork, touch an artwork or use a plinth holding an artwork to rest your empty wine glass on.


We will leave you if one final tip from art journalist and author, Anthony Haden-Guest: Do not think the ‘VIP’ on a VIP card necessarily means a ‘Very Important Person.’ It can as easily mean ‘Vague and Ill-Defined Person,’ ‘Vastly Implausible Person,’ or a whole lot of other things. Such as ‘Very Inquisitive Presshound.

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5 Do’s & Don’ts for Visitors at an Art Fair

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