5 Art newsletters to keep you up to date



The subscriptions that keep art world updates coming straight to your inbox. 

1. Artsy’s ambition is to make art from around the world accessible to anyone with Internet. It keeps you updated on artists, artworks, shows, galleries, museums, fairs, auctions, magazines and more.

2. Sydney Contemporary is not just Australia’s premier contemporary art fair it is also a great subscription to keep you updated on upcoming cultural events in the lead up.

3. Art Money keeps you posted on stockrooms providing you with a list of artworks that are available for purchase with interest free loans from participating galleries.

4. Stay connected with the Australian arts industry with Arts Hub. They send you updates on arts jobs, news, grants, education, community, call outs and upcoming events.

5. Artnet news is a great way to stay connected to the international art market offering you updates on events, trends, and people that shape the art market and have an impact on the global industry.

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