An online solo exhibition featuring works by Maneesha Bahugna

Physical human presence and its accompanying energy are conspicuously absent from the majority of Maneesha’s images. In these vacated spaces, colour and form, photographer and their environment, generate their own energy that is captured through an intuitive mode of composition. Her image-making process, nomadic movement and the development of personal philosophy are united by a common purpose; to create space, empty of inherited or cultural predefinition, where individual voice and fundamental truth can be discovered. Maneesha has a BFA from the Queensland College of Art, has lived in New Zealand, Australia, India, Spain, England, Portugal and Dubai, and has widely explored more than 30 countries. From 2015-16, she travelled solo and captured images throughout the streets of Southern and Central Europe. Maneesha is currently devoted to analogue mediums and their infinite potential for abstract and individual expression.


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