Owen Crick

Sydney artist Owen Crick uses drawing, sculpture and printmaking to create representations of his environment. Predominantly self-taught, Crick’s art practice evolved as a natural extension from his profession in decorative arts and historical restoration.  

Drawing from this trade, his indigenous background and horticultural practices, Crick has an eye for finding beauty in the everyday. With a bowerbird-like tendency to collect discarded materials (both man-made and natural) these elements find new life in expressive sculptural forms. 

Crick’s most recent body of work ‘FISH TANK’ captures a fascination with dark and mysterious creatures of the deep. With gaping mouths, bulging eyes and dramatic shadows these beings dive off the walls in which they hang. In contrast, audiences are drawn to appreciate the beautiful nature of the materials used, the delicate curve of a timber limb, or the luscious blue/green of oxidisation as it conquers copper metals. 

Owen Crick

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