TC Overson

TC Overson Rise 8, 2021-2022

23h x 21w x 1.5d cm
Tea, gesso, paper, eggshell on plaster

These works are wall mounted.

“The very big looks very much the same as the very small.

The milky haze of Venus is not so different from the hazy microbes in milk. This is because all matter comes from one source and force. My work explores such interconnectedness, suggesting the affinity between life and non-life. Using Earth’s evolution as foundation, I aim at cosmic, geologic and biologic ambiguity.

In my practice, materials and processes are elemental. Every day I eat breakfast while surrounded by the universe and so I use eggshell and tea in my work to speak of that mundane experience on the brink of eternity, and to impose artistic limits on a limitless subject. Plaster, cotton and rice-paper are other material voices that help me whisper a story of deep time planetary evolution.

Art can offer, I believe, a form of time travel.

Ideally I would like my work to provide, at a glimpse, aesthetic satisfaction, and with lingering contemplation, a conceptual journey into beyond-human time and space.”

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TC Overson Rise 8, 2021-2022

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