Whats on in Spring, Art Exhibitions Sydney 2013

Art & About Sydney 2013, Festival Private Lives Public Spaces
20th September – 20th October 2013
Exhibitions, Installations, Family Events, Talks and Tours, this festival is right across all spectrums, definitely worth spending time reading the program.

Spill – Shaun Parker & Company
4th October – 7th October 2013
Free! Shaun Parker’s dance company will bring three inner-city play grounds to life with high energy, urban, colourful, fast and fun. The playground will be transformed into a performance space.


The Banner Gallery – Walking Men Worldwide (TM)
Until 20th October
Walking Men Worldwide TM  will make Sydney an outdoor gallery with 99 banners of traffic light icons, a series of public art installations that made its debut in Manhattan in 2010. Presented in human scale the works of pedestrian icons have been assembled from around the world. Working as a collaborative, International photographers have contributed to the project that will line our Sydney streets.

Art Gallery of New South WalesContemporary Project Space
Keep an eye on this site as it features an on going series of exhibitions of new work by living artist.

Sydney Moderns
23rd September – 4th October 2013
A tour of the Sydney Moderns exhibition that involvescreating Art, producing a flaneur’s keen eye for observation.

Museum of Contemporary Art Primavera
30th August – 2nd February 2013
Young Australian Artists! An exciting collection of works from Australia’s emerging artists, 35 years and under.

 Activities with current exhibitions as well as live music by other youths. Food, art, fun and free.  

Power House Museum Kaleidoscpoe Workshop
21st September – 7th October 2013
This is a coolidea, exploring the nature of shadows through interaction with light and dark, dodge a maze of Lasers and watch stuff glow.

Thinkspace: Digital Media Workshops
Be guided by experts as you learn-by-making, explore digital media in applied arts and sciences.

Beaux Ball
7th November 2013
Architecture as fancy dress, go as your favorite building!! 18+  

Sydney Opera House Graphic Festival 2013
Animation,illustration, music and underground ground art forms. There is only one thing to do, check it out!

White Rabbit Gallery Serve the People
30th August 2013– 2nd February 3014
White Rabbitshould always be part of what you see, because if the diverting, exciting and refreshingly new take on contemporary art featured in this privately owned collection of Chinese Art.

Explore technology at the Sydney Opera House.

Discover the House
until 15th October 2013

Staging Stories
A digital story telling workshop, until 12th November 2013

‘It’s chaos for a lot of people’: what is the future of NFTs in Australian art?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens: The new kind of digital art that could prove a bonanza for creators

Activating Spaces – Mercer Property and .M Contemporary collaborate to renew 1930s building.

Whats on in Spring, Art Exhibitions Sydney 2013

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