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A big thank you! Thank you for visiting us at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair . We would like to thank all our artists, established and emerging, Australian and international, without whom we would not have had such a successful fair. We would also like to thank our collectors, old and new for their ongoing support. .M Contemporary is a gallery space that aims to create a cross-cultural conversation through exhibiting and supporting emerging and established artists from around the world. We aim to foster a strong appreciation for a new generation of both Australian and international artists and to expose them to a diverse audience. We have a strong focus on supporting our artists’ ongoing presence through regular exhibitions and participating in international and local art fairs.

Photography by Rhiannon Hopley

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NFTs or non-fungible tokens: The new kind of digital art that could prove a bonanza for creators

Activating Spaces – Mercer Property and .M Contemporary collaborate to renew 1930s building.

Sydney Contemporary

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