Review of the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair by Nicholas Forrest

Sydney-based gallery .M Contemporary only opened in August of this year, but the director of the gallery, Michelle Paterson, made such an impact on the Sydney art scene that she earned herself a place in the inaugural Sydney Contemporary art fair within weeks of launching her gallery. Paterson launched .M Contemporary with an exhibition of works by the prominent South African artist Lyndi Sales. The exhibition was a great success which prompted Paterson to present an exhibition of Sales’ work at Sydney Contemporary. The opening night of Sydney Contemporary was bigger than anyone could have expected with 12,000 visitors – four times the expected

number – descending on the Carriageworks arts space for a night of great art, fine food, and plenty of wine. By the second day of the fair Paterson had already sold a number of works by Sales including the large work “Vesica Piscus” for $9,900 and a number of smaller works ranging in price from $900 – $1400 per work. As well as exhibiting Sales’ work in her gallery booth, Paterson is also presenting a major work by Sales as part of the Installation Contemporary project space. The spectacular hanging installation at the entrance to the fair features five shimmering oval mirrored discs

that were originally inspired by shattered wristwatches which were recovered from the Helderberg plane crash. “For this installation I wanted to also make reference to the vortex or tunnel of light scenario associated with a near death experience,” explains Sales. “The Shattered discs are cut from mirror Perspex and reflect into each other which is translated as multiple realms that exist in a parallel universe and the contemplation of these parallels within the macrocosms and microcosms.” Review by: Nicholas Forrest Executive Editor ARTINFO AUSTRALIA

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Review of the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair by Nicholas Forrest

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