Todd Fuller

Twilight Bark02 Dec - 16 Dec 2023

Todd Fuller
'Twilight Bark'

Todd Fuller | Twilight Bark

Opening event Saturday 2nd December, 2 – 4pm (well-behaved dogs welcome) | Exhibition ends 16th December


Twilight Bark is an animation and series of sketches of dogs from across Sydney and Australia. The content is inspired by the ‘Twilight Bark’ scene from Disney’s classic 1961 animation, 101 Dalmatians. The scene features dogs from all over London communicating with each other through a series of barks, in order to spread a crucial message about 15 missing puppies. This animation was a turning point in cinematic history, offering a modernist break in the romantic style of Disney studios and being the first time that a Xerox printer was used in the process, making the inking department redundant and allowing us to see the artists marks directly on film for the first time. In this instance, Fuller’s Twilight Bark sends an ambiguous message which human ears are not privy to. We can’t help but wonder what our canine companions are trying to say, what messages or warnings they may be trying to give. Each dog is derived from a real pet which Fuller has articulated in charcoal, ink and chalk on paper before erasing hundreds of times.

Dates & Times

  • December2
  • Opening event, 2-4pm
  • December16
  • Exhibition ends

Todd Fuller

Todd Fuller is a well-known Australian Artist whose work extends traditional notions of drawing across film, animation and performance works. Fuller is best known for his hand drawn animations which address a broad range of themes including Queer and Regional Narratives of Australia past and present. His narratives often position audiences to consider connection between person and place, love and loss, commonality, difference and belonging.

Todd Fuller | Twilight Bark

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