Thomas Bucich

ABC Interview
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As a young man in New York City, my existence was always a balance between the urbane and the ephemeral. A student of art and architecture, contact with nature fulfilled my need for grounding and connection beyond cultural and societal. As both a creator and inhabitant of built environments, my eyes always sought relief from the limited visions of looking down an avenue, regardless of whether it was Park, Madison or Fifth. Travelling to mountains, deserts and the sea, I would always find source and return to my studio with talismans of shell, wood and stone – metaphorically using their colour, texture and form.

Decades beyond, and living on the other side of the globe, my personal daily experiences are brought to light in the form of gestural drawings and mark making and actively textured sculpture. This collection consists of both manipulated found objects as well as my capturing of fleeting moments and gestures both on paper and through sculpting. The creative crusade continues.

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