TC Overson

edge 06 Apr - 22 Apr 2023
TC Overson wall mounted sculpture

TC Overson
'edge '

‘edge’ a 2023 solo show by TC Overson on display in our gallery annex.

April 6th – April 22nd.

Opening evening | Thursday April 6th, 5 – 7pm.

Artist in attendance.


Exhibition Dates

  • April06
  • Opening night
  • April22
  • Exhibition ends
TC Overson | edge | annex show

“In ‘edge’ my second exhibition at M Contemporary, micro-worlds of cellular proportions float with cosmic imagery, leaving a viewer to decide which is which. The ambiguous scale of the work speaks to deep time interconnection between immensity, geology and the microscopic.

Over time so deep it is beyond comprehension, this planet formed on the edge of a spinning galaxy. Rock formed, weathered, and formed again. Life formed, withered, and formed again. Each eon gave an edge to the one following. Continents rose, collided, and drifted. Vegetation released oxygen. Skies turned blue. Rain fell.

Smaller infinities arose. How many edges lie inside a crystal? How long is the coastal edge where water meets land? Microscopically and cosmically, just where is the edge that indicates an end?

These works were made at The Foundations in Portland, at the residency I was awarded by owners Martin and Monica O’Connell.

Harrie Fasher’s support has been vital to this body of work. I have incorporated Harrie’s foundry into ‘edge’, using slivers of bronze discarded from her work and metal shards that might otherwise be refuse.

I believe that nothing is broken. All is in a state of transition.

This is a story of deep time creation and destruction, both gentle and damaged; ongoing, giving an edge to what comes next.”

TC Overson, March 2023

TC Overson | edge | annex show

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