Sian Watson

Fact Based Dreaming04 Oct - 18 Oct 2022

Sian Watson
'Fact Based Dreaming'

‘Fact Based Dreaming’ by Sian Watson 2022

Exhibition | October 4th – October 18th

Opening Tuesday 4th, 5 – 7pm, all welcome, RSVP required.

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Dates & Times

  • October04
  • Opening night
  • October18
  • Exhibition ends
Sian Watson | Fact Based Dreaming

Fact based dreaming Sian Watson is an Adelaide based sculptor who explores relationships between humans, animals and our shared natural and built environment.

Watson graduated from the ANU School of Art in 2015 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours (first class) in Sculpture and a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development. Watson’s visual arts practice explores broad themes of environmental change through figurative sculptures that depict human, animal and fused forms that seek to promote viewer contemplation.

Watson’s exhibition titled ‘Fact-based Dreaming’ expands upon broad themes within her practice, exploring stories of the human and animal experience in our built environment. The recurring idea of electricity and utilities present throughout the body of work was inspired by a radio interview with activist Damon Gameau.

Gameau spoke of existing and accessible solutions to climate change and limited global resources, but identified cognitive dissonance to be a primary challenge to societal change. Watson felt connected to the idea of obtainable change and reflects on the urgency of restructuring our energy resources. Watson draws on concepts of traditional and alternative energy systems to prompt stories using abstracted figures.

Watson is a recent recipient of the Rosaline Gascoigne Memorial Award (2021) and Sculpture by the Sea Clithroe Foundation Emerging Artist Award (2020, with exhibition in October 2022).

Sian Watson

Figurative sculptor, Sian Watson, explores the relationships between humans, animals and their shared environments. Watson captures movement and narrative in her ambiguous forms, reflecting themes of evolution, adaptation and plays on varied viewer interpretation.

Sian Watson | Fact Based Dreaming

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