Blind Radius – Sally McKay

23 Sep - 10 Oct 2017

Blind Radius – Sally McKay

Exhibition Dates

  • September23
  • Opening night
  • October10
  • Exhibition ends
Blind Radius – Sally McKay

McKay’s exhibition celebrates the things that exist in our local environments that we see every day, yet are totally unaware of. The artist brings her unique perspective to these natural and wonderful objects, opening viewers’ minds to the beauty and mystery that surrounds us at all times – and that we can discover too if we only look hard enough.

McKay’s works are two works in one. At a distance they are quite tribal, colourful, beautiful and engaging. So engaging that you want to look closer. As you do, a new journey of discovery begins. One of childlike wonder as you realise you can identify each intricate element of the artwork. One-after-another. Some are easy, some take longer. Then you step back and look at is as whole again with a new mindset and an added layer of acquisition.

The artist desires viewers to tap into their adaptive unconscious when viewing the artworks – drawing on their automatic processing of past experiences to relate to the images in her exhibition. She has specifically created eight works from separate Pantone colour palette’s to ensure each viewer is able to find “their” artwork.

“It has been a mindful, meticulous and eye opening journey to construct these works. It has energised me to work more introspectively and methodically”.
– Sally McKay 2017

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