Mr. Carlino Talks Way Too Much in Class!

Each piece has the same single thought.

If you had to choose one single colour to live with, what hue or shade would that be?
My goal is to create, in my mind, the most beautiful version of that colour. Hoping the viewer will see that in the deliberate imperfections within the dented resin marks, pigments and finish there is real and genuine perfection.
Each piece has at least 3 layers of resin and every layer has a tint, a tone or a secret (don’t ask) to create the whole desired colour.
It’s the hardest easiest thing to do.
And I’d happily live with all of them!

Epoxy resin, in the form I use it, is a medium which screams out to be perfect and it will go down kicking and screaming trying to do its own thing. When working with it, it is a constant exchange to achieve the desired result and when you’ve managed to control the uncontrollable, it can produce the most magnificent and satisfying results.

Resin changes the room it hangs in and it makes an impact to a space like no other medium. You really have to be in front of the work to understand the depth and layers. Epoxy resin is a vehicle to carry and encase the most vibrant and intense colour that only hand ground pigment can achieve. Tonally, a piece can change throughout the
day –  in the morning as the sun reflects through the transparent layers or at sunset whose light can intensify the entire colour and affect the mood of a room  – I like to think about it as the resin having its final artistic say once its hung… but only because I made it to behave like that and I find that really fascinating.

I could say that the show and art piece titles is a way to take back the power from my non believing past teachers, lecturers, bosses and naysayers. And turn it into motivation and empowerment… but that gives them way too much credit. It’s a reminder to me and all the other lumpy apples in this world (and who isn’t) that when you learn to break the rules, (the right rules) and follow your own crazy path, you can create something in the world that is truly spectacular.

Rick Carlino | Solo Show

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