Pina Ambrosino

Enduring Transformation20 Sep - 01 Oct 2022

Pina Ambrosino
'Enduring Transformation'

Enduring Transformation, a solo show by Pina Ambrosino

On display at our gallery annex.

Exhibition | September 20th – October 1st.

Opening evening | Tuesday 20th, 5 – 7pm, all welcome, RSVP below.

“These works are an intimate take on the important relationship to self & others. The works are a celebration of the spirit even if at times the noise of the mind can get in the way”

Dates & Times

  • September20
  • Opening night
  • October01
  • Exhibition ends
Pina Ambrosino | Enduring Transformation

An intimate perspective on the relationship with self…

The works are a celebration of the human spirit even when the noise of the mind is deafening.

The vessels in this series are allegorical interpretations of life and how these experiences resonate within me.

The body of work marks significant turning points in my life, the concepts are both issues I have struggled to comprehend as well as personal reassurances to self. As a result, the work is autobiographical in nature and depict real-life circumstances. The work embraces the endurance required to question and restructure thoughts into resilience.

The objective through personal experience, is to emphasise life’s unexpected turns.  Distortion of the human form has become a way of exploring the complexity of individual experiences that are as unusual as they are familiar.

The depth of colour and combinations are used to relieve the weight of events and demonstrates the positive transformation that followed these experiences.

I wanted to explore the concept of being faced with my own mortality. I turned inward with this struggle and found that the relationship within me as well as others has helped me to face this dilemma with grace. Compassion for oneself goes into the creation of each vessel.

Working with clay is primal, it is like rediscovering the earth we occupy and a way of understanding the world.  Just like in nature, the cycle of life is both beautiful and ugly, but it is natural and inevitable.

I am interested in turning the familiar figurative form into something a little less famililar. The figures are influenced by the way they interact with each other, they are solid and enduring, but they are as temporary and fragile as the human condition. Concerns like fear, loss and vulnerability are welcomed and transformed.

Pina Ambrosino | Enduring Transformation

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