Natasha Wright

Solo Exhibition12 Oct - 28 Oct 2023

Natasha Wright
'Solo Exhibition'

Natasha Wright 2023 Solo Exhibition

Opening event Saturday October 14, 2 – 4pm  |   Exhibition ends 28th October

Exhibition Dates

  • October12
  • Exhibition Start
  • October14
  • Opening Event 2-4pm
  • October28
  • Exhibition Ends
Natasha Wright | Solo Exhibition

“I am an artist who uses second-hand images and first-hand experiences.

If you’ll be my blind date I will be yours.

And if we still like one another in ten years time, we can call it love at first sight.

Art, unlike other love potions, does not induce action. It does not leave torn curtains or bruised lips. Instead of being noisy, it makes you hold your tongue. Instead of making you cry, it freezes your tears. Instead of making you jump up and down, it stops your motion.

It might be exorcism, but it’s not revenge. It might be not enough, but it’s very close. It might not expose anything, but it draws beautiful curtains”

– Marlene Dumas, Blind Dates and Drawn Curtains

Natasha Wright

Natasha Wright is a New Zealand born artist based in New York.

Natasha Wright | Solo Exhibition

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