Linda Keough

Rebirth of the Tasmanian Tiger16 Nov - 27 Nov 2023

Linda Keough
'Rebirth of the Tasmanian Tiger'

.M Contemporary is pleased to announce debut solo exhibition with Tasmanian artist Linda Keough, titled ‘Rebirth of the Tasmanian Tiger’.

Opening event Thursday November 16, 5 – 7 pm  |   Exhibition ends 27th November

All artworks are framed in a black shadow box frame. The pricing is inclusive of framing.

Exhibition Dates

  • November16
  • Opening Event, 5-7pm
  • November27
  • Exhibition Ends
Linda Keough | Rebirth of the Tasmanian Tiger






These works were inspired by the de-extinction project currently underway with Australian and American scientists in their attempt to reverse the human-induced eradication of the Thylacine. What seems like an unrealistic concept, the project has successfully extracted DNA from a 108 year old specimen preserved at the Victorian Museum, and are ‘well on the way to de-extinction.’

The program, as it progresses over the next ten years, will involve the use of a ‘mouse-like’ surrogate, a fat-tailed Dunnart, the Thylacines’ closest living relative.

One can only wonder with fascination at the scientific possibilities… and the effect our human capabilities may have on the natural world.







Linda Keough

“As a child, I was fascinated by the world of my parents.  My father was a brilliant jazz musician, passionate and ambitious about his craft.  My mother was a successful actor in musical theatre.  Often, she would be on stage while my father was in the orchestra pit.  While I realised, back then, I would never have the desire to be a performer, I loved the atmosphere of the theatre, with its spot-lighting, the hidden world of backstage, and the thrill of being up in ‘the gods’ looking down on the constructed scenes.  As an adult, I’m drawn to the natural world, far removed from the productions of my childhood, but those memories influence my paintings today”. – Linda Keough

Linda Keough | Rebirth of the Tasmanian Tiger

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