I grew up in Wangi Wangi, on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Macquarie, NSW. I was brought up in a large creative family and attended a Steiner School. It was a childhood of my three other siblings and I jumping off the jetty, fishing, riding pushbikes through the bush, and always painting, for as long as I can remember. Creating art has always been my safest space and yet my most demanding catalyst for self-evolution. I am grateful for that.

Recently, I have used my painting to reflect the beauty of the everyday life that surrounds me in suburban coastal towns. I like to capture the moments we don’t know will be important, until they re-emerge as nostalgia. Nostalgia is something we can’t quite grasp, the feeling is neither happy nor sad, yet it brings us all together in one way or another. The memory might be different, but that wistful yearning feeling is the same. If my work taps into a hazy, golden snippet of someone’s life, buried in their subconscious, then I will have done my job.

Lili Montefiore solo show

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