Home – Jody Graham

Home by Jody Graham is an exclusively online solo exhibition.

It will run from the 6th of June to the 21st of June.

All prints are for sale.

All original sculptures are also for sale and are displayed in a clear perspex box.

Please visit our ‘contact us’ page to enquire further about the sculptural works by Jody Graham.

Home – Jody Graham

Home has been inspired by my love of architecture. I am especially fond of the make shift, old, busted, or derelict. I like looking at the evidence of activity seen in the character of old buildings. Dog scratch marks on a back door, little balcony’s protruding from windows and holes covered or walls constructed from random bits of wood. The charm I see in old buildings causes me to ruminate about previous inhabitants and the times they lived in.

I had so much fun making these little dwellings out of empty boxes and odds and ends lying about in my studio. It’s deeply satisfying creating original artwork from single use items that get thrown out. It costs me nothing but time and innovation with what I have.

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Home by Jody Graham is an exclusively online exhibition.


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