Hannalie Taute

We are excited to announce our first double solo show for 2020 with artist Hannalie Taute exhibiting alongside artist Jodi Clark. It will be an electric and experiential exhibition that will take you on a journey into a  fantasy world of the artists’ own making. Ranging from anthropomorphic figures riding on a carousel and vibrant flowers unveiling hidden faces, one will quickly realise that as soon as your eyes adjust to the chaos, only more will appear.



Exhibition March 6 – March 22

Finding inspiration in myths, legends, lyrics, literature and especially fairy tales, Taute is is drawn to the universality of these ancient stories which exist all over the world and point to a common humanity. By using traditional embroidery techniques with the unconventional canvas of rubber, her works aim to transform the familiar into the unfamiliar. Taute’s practice subverts the original meaning of objects and by replacing the main characters with herself, or her family members.

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