Incognito – Hannalie Taute

23 Sep - 10 Oct 2017

Incognito – Hannalie Taute

Unlike previous exhibitions, “Sum of its parts” features fragments of figures and faces as though they are too big to fit on the canvas. The portraits are bursting out from the restraints of the canvas edges. They don’t want to fit “inside the box”.

Exhibition Dates

  • September23
  • Opening night
  • October10
  • Exhibition ends

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Incognito – Hannalie Taute

For more than a decade Taute has primarily focused her attention on working with found objects, especially toys. Six years ago she began experimenting with rubber, particularly inner tubes, and in 2012 she incorporated embroidery into the works. By using traditional embroidery techniques with the unconventional canvas of rubber, her works aim to transform the familiar into the unfamiliar. Taute’s practice subverts the original meaning of objects and by replacing the main characters with herself, or her family members.

Taute uses her art to escape into a fantasy world of her own making, the works are the culmination of research into emotion, psychology and fantasy within that world. She finds inspiration in myths, legends, lyrics, literature and especially fairy tales. She is drawn to the universality of these ancient stories which exist all over the world and point to a common humanity, it is often just the title of an original fairy tale that remains, within her works.

Taute’s upcoming solo exhibition, Incognito, is inspired by flowers with interesting common names. By combining flowers with self-portraits and animal skulls Taute has created masks, concealing the true identity.

Hannalie Taute

Hannalie Taute (b. 1977) started her life’s journey in a small town called Fochville in Gauteng, South Africa. In 2000, she obtained a National Higher Diploma in Fine Art at PE Technicon (now the NNMU). A decade ago she started working with rubber and particularly repurposed rubber inner-tubes, and in 2012 she added embroidery to her list of preferred media.

Incognito – Hannalie Taute

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