Generating Perspective

12 Nov - 02 Dec 2019

Generating Perspective

This group exhibition will run at our Woollahra gallery from the 12th of November to the 30th of November.

All works are available from our online stockroom.

Dates & Times

  • November12
  • Opening night
  • December02
  • Exhibition ends

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Generating Perspective

‘Generating Perspectives’ showcases the diverging exploration and experimentation undertaken by a collection of Contemporary International and Australia artists. Held at .M Contemporary in Woollahra, the exhibition directs viewers through a passage of distinctive and imagined, surreal and timeless landscapes. Notions of female sexuality, psychological states of mind and the human experience are explored side by side through diverse subject matter. One is invited to immerse themselves within this dynamic exhibition, to consider and engage with these diverse ‘generated perspectives.’

In some of the photographic works, a gritty subtext is hidden behind a glossy, visceral surface. Pastel pinks, deceiving nudes and idealised flora and fauna contain hidden truths, waiting to be sought out. In others, a marked absence of physical human presence echoes with that is left behind – the hypnotic curl of a cigarette smoke, the nomadic movement of empty roads, a lonely crow in a hypnagogic night sky.

The kaleidoscopic landscapes, infused with dark symbolism and unfamiliar perspectives, wait to be entered.

Artists include Lisa Tomasetti, Annelie Vandendael, Efi Gousi, Eliseo H. Zubiri, Gabriel Isak, Gracia De Marina, Jessica Lichenstein, Josh Reeves and Maneesha Bahuguna.

Generating Perspective

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