Galia Gluckman

Grounded (Timelessness of the Natural World)12 Sep - 26 Sep 2023

Galia Gluckman
'Grounded (Timelessness of the Natural World)'

Galia Gluckman 2023 solo exhibition

Exhibition ends 26th September

Exhibition Dates

  • September12
  • Exhibition Opens
  • September16
  • Opening Event 2-4pm
  • September26
  • Exhibition End
Galia Gluckman | Grounded (Timelessness of the Natural World)

The inspiration behind Galia Gluckman’s latest artworks is her immersive experience of Mountain and forest walks. It is the time spent in nature, that informs this latest body of work, titled ‘grounded’ (timelessness of the natural world).  The work reflects the beauty, science and the power of these natural’ environments and its ability to ground us.

The intuitive process of cutting and pasting paper takes the viewer on a journey between order and disorder. Each strip of paper is cut, painted and attached, layer upon layer. Unveiling the intricacies, the viewer is invited to observe both the minute details and majesty of scale of a mountain range through an abstracted lens. Gluckman observes the shifting light in a forest, sunlight filtering through, soft shadows cast, textures and patterns found on the forest floor. One of the most unmistakable things about nature is its timelessness. As the saying by Lao Tzu goes, “nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” This sense of stillness and quiet is something that the artist has sought to capture in her practice.

“Paper has been an essential element in my work. I have always been drawn to the tactile quality of paper, and I love how it can be manipulated to create a wide range of textures and patterns. Through careful cutting and layering, I have sought to create pieces that reflect the natural world, with all its complexity and subtlety. It is not just the grandeur of mountains that inspires me, it is the unveiling of the intricacies, the minute details that go unnoticed that capture my interest”.

By bringing attention to these often-overlooked details, the artist encourages viewers to develop a deeper appreciation for the hidden beauty that surrounds us.  Within these reflections of life forms, beneath our feet and further that our eyes can see, lies a thriving ecosystem of intricate life forms. The work delves into this lesser-explored realm, capturing the organic patterns and textures found in nature. By representing these elements in the artwork, the artist emphasises the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of acknowledging the often under-appreciated aspects of nature.  The intricate layers of paper evoke a sense of depth and complexity, mirroring the hidden world teeming with life that exists.


Galia Gluckman

Galia Gluckman produces large-scale multi-faceted artworks in her medium of choice: pigment ink on cotton paper and collage. Reflecting varied contemporary concerns, Gluckman highlights ongoing creative and social conversations through her exploration of atmospheric and emotive themes. Wide ranging in their hybrid of environmental and social references, they draw upon contemporary notions of the passage of time, referencing the mixture of creative subcultures that ebb and flow through the limitless global community. The viewer is invited to consider the dialogue surrounding mass production versus the handcrafted and oscillate between an abstraction of nature and epic man-made habitats. and follow the artist’s reflections that address the tensions between modern day order and chaos in the world around us. Working partly with recycled materials.

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Galia Gluckman | Grounded (Timelessness of the Natural World)

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