NAS emerging artist group show

30 Jun - 10 Jul 2021

NAS emerging artist group show

A collection of recent graduates from the National Art School and NAS Alumni selected and curated by .M Contemporary.

Exhibition opens July 30th and continues until July 10th.

Viewing during gallery hours:

Monday – Friday | 9am – 5pm

Saturday | 10am – 4pm

Artists included: Lili Montefiore, Aimee Gardyne, Annie Howard, Giorgia McRae, Stella Ramage and Suzanna Vangelov.

Exhibition Dates

  • June30
  • Opening night
  • July10
  • Exhibition ends
NAS emerging artist group show

To read each emerging artists full artist statement, click on one of their artworks below.

Lili Montefiore

“The aesthetic of my work is somewhat ‘tacky’ and explores different concepts of social issues, psychology, as well as celebrating the ‘ordinary’ moments in life we all connect with.”

Giorgia McRae

Giorgia McRae is a Sydney based artist who is strongly influenced by cubist and abstract shape, colour and composition. Her works incorporate Sydney’s distinctive sandstone as the base of her brightly painted steel sculptures.

Aimee Gardyne

“The intended layering of these works on canvas into installations recalls the way areas of land contrast and interact with one another, especially the coast with its jagged overlaps of water and rock. This overlapping exposes two manifestations of the submerged realms described by the Ancient Greeks as ‘chthonic’, the subaqueous and the subterranean.”

Annie Howard

“My practice is concerned with the relationship between the viewer and my work. I wish for my work to be both intimate and intriguing, engaging the viewers interest in the process and the materials.”

Suzanna Vangelov

“My work exists in the expanded field of painting, influenced by abstraction and minimalism. Space, negative space, light and surface are my main focus. Bringing together matter and physicality by cutting, folding and stitching directly into the surface of my painting.”

Stella Ramage

“My body of work ‘Turn of the Decade’ is a series of ceramic wall pieces that encourage the discourse of colour, shape and pattern in compositions that strive for harmonious simplicity. The wall mounted work breaks free from the traditional nature and presentation of ceramics, allowing the work to be seen in the same realm as painting usually is.”

Suzanna Vangelov

I grew up surrounded by makers, the men worked with steel and the women with fabric. My practise is a union of both. I begin with yards and yards of raw canvas that I prepare, hand paint, cut, shape and mould with the sharp cold blade of the metal scissor, in an act of dismembering and remembering.

Lili Montefiore

“I grew up in Wangi Wangi, on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Macquarie, NSW. My early life was insular and magical. I was brought up in a large creative family and attended a Steiner School. Creating art has always been a safe space for me.

NAS emerging artist group show

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