Elefteria Vlavianos

Syunik20 Jul - 05 Aug 2023

Elefteria Vlavianos

Elefteria Vlavianos | Syunik

Opening night 20th July   |   Exhibition ends 5th August

Exhibition Dates

  • July20
  • Opening night
  • August05
  • Exhibition ends

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Elefteria Vlavianos | Syunik

Syunik is a historic region of Armenia established in 189 BC and is famous for both the Monasteries of Tatev and Gladsor; as well as the production of Silver. The title for this exhibition Syunik, is derived from Armenian Gospel paintings from Gladsor.  These medieval manuscript paintings function as a starting point and palette for this group of paintings that has emerged, primarily, as Chromatic Voids.

The idea of the Chromatic Void, is an oxymoron. Voids are considered to be spaces that are black and empty.  In these paintings, the voids are filled with a chroma, made up of particular hues of colour that have been overlaid in repetitious layers that both conceal and reveal. My play on words in this context is deliberate as it takes into account the idea of colour not only as the science of light but as a subjective element in painting linked to, vibration, cultural memory and identity.

Significantly, within the tradition of Armenian Gospel paintings, colour was used not only as an abstract tool for spiritual mediation, but was also a crucial element in the creation of visual pleasure. The idea of visual pleasure is appealing to me and has led me to explore the idea of chroma/ colour as a conceptual marker for translating a cultural aesthetic and the possibility of surface beauty between time, space and place; and between the idioms of medieval manuscript and abstract painting in a contemporary context.

Elefteria Vlavianos

Elefteria Vlavianos was born in Zimbabwe of mixed Armenian and Greek heritage. She is an abstract painter who’s visual practice has developed through an ongoing investigation into the process abstraction, its vocabulary and conventions as a visual translation of a displaced cultural aesthetic. Her paintings draw on her multi-cultural Armenian and Greek heritage. Imagery in her paintings is derived from her current research of thirteenth century Armenian Manuscript Paintings and the tradition of Armenian textile crafts. Continued themes within her practice and paintings, are time, silence, presence and memory as they tie into a dialogue between representation, visibility and abstract painting. In this framework issue such a colour, structure, and mark making are key concerns as they translate across time, space and between two idioms in painting.

Elefteria Vlavianos | Syunik

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