Carol Crawford


FEBURARY 25 – MARCH 4 2020

This solo show by Carol Crawford will be an exclusive week long exhibition.

“My stone sculptures are an expression of my inner being – they are created as ’steam of consciousness’ sculptures and are all feminine in nature. They are suggestive of a feeling, rather than a ‘thing’! However, saying this, they are also reminiscent of so many things we see in nature and in the world that surrounds us. I do not use maquettes or predetermine the outcome of any of my stone sculptures – they evolve naturally as part of a conversation I have with the stone. The sculptures are hand filed and hand polished (after the initial chipping out with a hand tool) in a very slow process. I do not measure anything or use large grinders or diamond tools. My conversations take time and cannot be hurried – the sculptures are evocative of feelings, and as such are very personal to me.” – Carol Crawford

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