Cameron Haas

Colour Shadows11 Nov - 28 Nov 2021

Cameron Haas
'Colour Shadows'

‘Colour Shadows’ will be on exhibit in the gallery between November 11 – November 28.

The works will arrive in the gallery on November 2nd and will be available for previewing.

The official opening with Cameron Haas in attendance will be on Thursday November 11th between 5 – 7pm.

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Dates & Times

  • November11
  • Opening night
  • November28
  • Exhibition ends
Cameron Haas | Colour Shadows

‘Colour Shadows’ is an extension of a more organic element that I have been exploring in previous exhibitions. This group of paintings extends the format to include more opportunity for colour interactions within the composition by using mid-ground forms and colours that act as a type of ‘halo’ around the foreground formations, adding another level or amplification to the composition.

As is always part of my practice, the show has grown organically and is never programmed or themed with a narrative, but rather it’s only at the end of painting that any connections between colour and composition are made. I find this to be the best way for work to come naturally, and allows me to look at each composition as an individual.

This show is made up of mostly larger scale paintings, the larger the canvas, the happier I am whilst painting, the larger format allows me to paint with the body and less with the wrist. This gives the pictorial space a more sculptural quality with more of a reference to the human form, although this is not intentional but more a happy observation after the work is completed.

This body of work is the next step for me in the progression of more organic forms as well as a return toward predominantly larger scale paintings. I have always enjoyed working with canvases that are more human size, and the way that this changes the relationship between the work and the viewer.

Cameron Haas

Cameron Haas began studying fine art at the University of Tasmania and completed his studies at the National Art School in Sydney where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in 2010. He now lives and works in Canberra.

Cameron Haas | Colour Shadows

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