Cameron Haas | Colour Beats

‘Colour Beats’ a 2022 solo show by Cameron Haas

Exhibition | November 24th – December 10th

Opening night with Cameron Haas in attendance | Thursday, November 24th, 5 – 7pm

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Cameron Haas | Colour Beats

“This show “Colour Beats” brings together form and colour with varying quality of edge and flatness of paint. Although the compositions are non-narrative, they are suggestive in their simple, organic forms. Depending on the viewer’s perspective and what they bring to the experience, these paintings can be malleable between what they project out to an audience and what the audience projects onto the painting. In these seemingly simple compositions there is nowhere for the artist to hide. Every colour, tone, shape, intersection, and edge are considered and composed.

Each painting starts with pencil on paper as a line drawing and the initial composition must have an uncomplicated authority in how it sits on the stark white paper. Colour is added to take the composition in another direction until the pictorial space is resolved.”

Gallery open:

Monday – Friday | 9am – 5pm

Saturday | 10am – 4pm

Sunday | closed

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